Damatt Engineering provides management and engineering services for project design and construction support. We can quickly assemble a project team consisting of Damatt engineers and pre-qualified professional sub-consultants. Our project managers and engineers have the necessary design, construction support and startup experience to make your project a success. Furthermore, our project managers and engineers utilize effective and comprehensive communication skills to provide the groundwork for implementing projects successfully. By the use of sound engineering practices, backed up by our computer-based engineering and design capabilities, we provide the most detailed, highest quality and cost effective engineering services.

Project Management

Our project services include the following:

Initial Project Planning to establish project goals, budgets and implementation schedules. This process can include project cost/benefit analysis, concept and planning studies to determine the most economically advantageous solution.

Project Management Services including design management and coordination, project scheduling, budget monitoring, product requisitioning, construction bidding and monitoring.

Engineered Construction Bid Packages consisting of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation drawings and specifications. In addition, any architectural, civil or structural engineering documents can be provided by utilizing our prequalified sub consultants. All drawings are produced using customized CAD packages.

Field Services including construction support, start-up and training services. These services can cover equipment and instrument submittal review, factory checkout and construction monitoring. Mechanical, electrical and control system checkout can be provided as well as start-up services, such as equipment troubleshooting, loop tuning and control system optimization.

Electrical Engineering

Damatt Engineering provides complete electrical engineering services related to the design, simulation, operation, control, optimization, and automation of industrial power systems, with major project experience in power distribution and substation systems. Typical client deliverables include site layout plans, building layout plans, switchyard and switchgear layout and elevation details, pole line power distribution details, underground power distribution details, UPS, emergency power, substation battery based system designs, motor control center details, electrical cable and raceway schedules, single line drawings, switchgear control wiring interconnection diagrams, and major electrical equipment and long lead item specifications for procurement.

Specifically, the electrical engineering services we provide as they pertain to power systems and power distribution can be summarized as follows:

• Substation and switchyard design
• Medium and low voltage system electrical distribution design
• Cogeneration and power generation system design
• Emergency power distribution system design
• Site layout and construction planning
• Electrical fault, load flow and protective relay coordination studies
• Equipment sizing studies
• NFPA, NEC and project location city code compliance
• Power systems analysis and simulation using ETAP software
• Specifications for procurement examination
• Arc flash studies
• Plant start-up and commissioning engineering services
• On site personnel training


Damatt Engineering provides complete integration services related to process control systems including the design, coordination and networking of numerous types of control systems, visualization devices, and databases. Our capabilities include system programming and configuration of single loop controllers, programmable logic controllers, programmable automation controllers, distributed control systems, and various computer based human machine interfaces for supervisory control and data acquisition. We are a full service engineering and integration firm with the ability intermix power and control platforms readily. Typical client deliverables include process and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), process flow diagrams (PFD), discrete and analog I/O diagrams, loop sheets and interconnect diagrams, control panel power distribution diagrams, UPS power distribution diagrams, VFD control diagrams, network and communication drawings, electrical cable and raceway schedules, system test protocols, and procurement specifications for PLC, PAC, DCS, SCADA systems, transducers and ancillary devices.

Specifically, the integration services we provide as they pertain to process control systems and power control systems can be summarized as follows:

• Control system and panel design
• Low voltage and medium voltage VFD control system design
• Intermixed hardwired control schemes with PLC’s, safety devices and protective relays
• Communication and network infrastructure design
• PLC based medium voltage switchgear control system design
• PLC, PAC, and HMI simulation and programming
• Customized graphic design
• Visual Basic Programming
• Control strategy and algorithm development
• Recipe management systems design
• Terminal services based HMI design
• Process optimization and closed loop PID tuning
• Server, database, historian and process trending design
• Automated reporting design
• Define test procedures for dry and wet mechanical simulations
• Program alterations in compliance with client specified and site specific standards
• Site layout and construction planning
• Control system testing and troubleshooting
• Process checkout, startup and commissioning services
• Remote access emergency support
• On site IT and operations personnel training