Southern California Edison - Kaweah. CA

Hydro Powerhouse No. 3 - New Generator Excitation System, Controls, and Protective Relaying, Generation Plant No. 3
Damatt provided electrical design to Southern California Edison design standards for a hydro-electric generating station which was originally built in the early 1900’s. Due to the absence of electrical drawings, extensive field investigation was required to document existing wiring and control systems before detailed design could begin. Damatt provided complete AC and DC elementary drawings for the generator protection, control and excitation schemes, the step-up transformer bank protection, and the transmission system intertie circuit breaker. Damatt provided complete point-to-point wiring diagrams for all new relaying and control panels which allowed the panels to shop fabricated. The scope included field construction support, and start-up and commissioning engineering.

Hanson Permanente Cement - Cupertino, CA

New 2,500 HP, 4kV VFD I.D. Fan Drives
Damatt provided complete electrical design for two new 2,500 HP, 4.16 kV induced draft fan drives. The scope included development of procurement specifications for the drives, bid analysis and purchase recommendation. Damatt provided electrical, control system, and instrumentation design to interface the new drives into the existing cement plant Honeywell DCS and Allen-Bradley PLC based control systems. Construction management, PLC and DCS programming, drive interface configuration, and start-up and commissioning services were included in the Damatt scope.

Replacement of 4kV Medium Voltage Motor Controllers
Plant-Wide Relay and Protective Device Coordination Study

Damatt provided a short circuit, load flow, and relay coordination study for the entire cement plant, including the pyro-processing plant, the finish mill plant, and the quarry and rock plant areas. The entire plant from the dual 60kV incoming transmission circuits to the 480V motor control centers was modeled using Operation Technologies, Inc. ETAP software program. As part of the relay and protective device coordination scope, Damatt recommended several relay setting changes to give improved phase and ground fault selective overcurrent coordination.

New 20 MVA, 60/4.16kV Finish Mill Substation
Damatt provided complete electrical and structural design for a new single-ended 20 MVA, 60/4,16 kV main substation for the finish mill plant and the quarry. The design included a new 15/20 MVA transformer bank, a new transmission line dead-end structure, and new 3000 Amp 4.16kV indoor metal-clad switchgear. New transformer primary overcurrent and bank differential relaying interfaced to a remote switchyard transmission breaker was included in the design. A PLC based SCADA and alarming system was designed and interfaced to substation switchgear and relaying to allow for remote alarm monitoring from a central control room location in the cement plant

General Chemical - Richmond, CA

New Cogeneration Unit
Damatt provided complete electrical and control systems design and startup services for a new 1 MW cogeneration unit to provide process heat and electrical power for the plant. A new 12 kV main switchgear lineup interfaced the new cogeneration unit with the utility and with the plant. Protective relaying was provided to sense power system disturbances and to separate the plant from the utility, allowing the plant to continue to operate even during complete utility electrical outages. The system also monitored utility voltage for stability and automatically reparalleled the plant and generator with the utility.