Featured Project: SA Recycling - Bakersfield, CA


Material Recovery Plant and Shredder
Perhaps one of the most complete examples of integration, this installation encompassed all project related services provided by Damatt Engineering. Damatt was asked to provide complete engineering services related to the electrical power and control system design for the installation of a new shredder along with a material recovery plant. This entailed providing the design, engineering, construction support and start-up services for a 69/4.16 kV 20 MVA industrial substation with protection relaying, 6000 HP medium voltage motor protection relaying, multi-building electrical distribution, and motor control centers. The project involved the design of multiple control panels, each utilizing Allen Bradley PLC/PAC components. A server was deployed along with numerous HMI’s, Ethernet switches on a fiber and CAT 6 backbone allowing plant-wide control system communication. All PLC’s, PAC’s and HMI’s were programmed and integrated in a seamless fashion to allow supervisory control and data acquisition. Data is continuously logged to a database for management interaction.


Schnitzer Steel Products - Oakland, CA


9000 HP Shredder
Initially brought in to assist with construction permitting, Damatt was asked to help complete the electrical design for a new 115kV Switchyard to provide power for a new 9000 HP Shredder and auxiliary equipment. The project included a main 14MVA transformer to power the Shredder and a 7.5 MVA auxiliary transformer to power the remainder of the site. The project required coordination with PG&E and the Port of Oakland for power delivery to the new Switchyard. Although similar in nature to other shredder plants previously worked on, the challenges presented here was that this was not an entirely new installation, but one that required a considerable amount of remodeling of both the mechanical and electrical systems. The installation was performed utilizing a phased approach in order to keep the old shredder running until the final cutover window. The phased installation included the re-design of switchgears, motor control centers, the additions of new control panels, and control networks. All PLC’s, PAC’s and HMI’s were programmed and integrated in a seamless fashion to allow supervisory control and data acquisition.


General Mills - Lodi, CA

Packaging Floor PLC Modernization
Damatt provided engineering, PLC and HMI programming and commissioning services for the modernization of the existing packaging floor control system at the Cereal Plant. The project was multi-faceted as the plant was undergoing an expansion of the packaging floor, replacement of old packaging lines, and upgrading older PLC’s. The project required electrical engineering for power distribution and required numerous program conversions from the SLC5/05 or the PLC5 platforms to the more modern Controllogix programmable automation controller. Ultimately, new HMI graphics were created, numerous programs were converted and thousands of field and HMI data points were remapped or newly added.