Graniterock Company - Redwood City , CA

New Asphalt Plant
Damatt performed the electrical system design for a new continuous-process asphalt plant. The project included integrating the plant into the existing facility infrastructure, providing power distribution, control and instrumentation interconnection, area lighting, and equipment grounding. The project also included modifications to existing 480V switchgear, economic evaluation of primary versus secondary utility electrical service, and complete electrical design of related Mix and Shop/Lab Buildings.


Port of Oakland - Oakland, CA


New Electrical System for a Renovated Container Terminal
Damatt provided complete electrical design and construction support services for the power distribution of an existing container terminal yard. The project required a phased construction approach to allow the terminal to continue operations over the course of the project. The new power system included a 12.47 kV distribution powerhouse, three 2500 kVA outdoor unit substations, two 1500 kVA outdoor unit substations and a double-ended, 4.16 kV, 5 MVA, crane switchgear powerhouse. The electrical system provides power for over 500 refrigerated containers, twenty-five 100-foot highmast light poles, a number of existing buildings, a new marine operations building and four container cranes. Provisions for future cranes and berthed-ship cold-ironing (shore power) were included as part of this project.


imageChevron USA - San Ardo, CA

20 MVA, 60/12.47 kV Main Substation Upgrade
Damatt provided the complete electrical design for the expansion of an existing outdoor substation. The design included a new 20 MVA substation transformer, new 12.47kV voltage regulator bank consisting of three single phase regulators, and new primary and secondary bank breaker relaying and control panels. The Damatt scope included design of new steel support structures for transformer primary conductoring, and new steel structures for transformer secondary bussing, and voltage regulator bypass and isolation switches. Damatt provided detailed material takeoffs and procurement specification for long lead components, and provided construction support and startup and commissioning services.


ConocoPhillips Refinery - Santa Maria, CA

6 MW Steam Turbine Based Power Generation Project
Damatt provided complete mechanical, structural, electrical, instrumentation, and control systems design for a new 6 MW steam turbine power plant. The project included the expansion of an existing 115kV substation to interconnect the new generator to the PG&E 115kV transmission circuit. The substation expansion included a 115/13.8 kV generator step-up transformer, primary switching components, secondary generator switchgear, and generator and substation breaker relay and control panels. Damatt provided complete systems integration for the plant, including PLC programming and HMI development for the balance of plant PLC system, and interface to the generator PLC system. The generator and balance of plant PLC systems were interfaced into the existing refinery distributed control system to allow for unattended operation of the generating plant with monitoring and control from a centralized refinery control room.

New 25 MVA 115/4.16 kV Main Substation
Damatt provided complete electrical and structural design for a new double-ended 115/4,16 kV main substation for the refinery. The design included two new 12.5 MVA transformer banks, a new transmission line dead-end structure, new 115 kV double-ended bussing, new primary circuit switchers for each transformer and new 2000 Amp secondary main and bus tie circuit breakers. New primary and secondary breaker relaying and control panels were also included in the design. A PLC based SCADA and alarming system was designed and interfaced to new power meters to allow for remote power monitoring and alarm monitoring from a central control room location in the refinery.